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cups-filters 1.28.6 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release, especially memory leaks and performance of cups-browsed, but also on the PPD generator and foomatic-rip

CUPS 2.3.3op1

2 minute read

CUPS 2.3.3op1 is the first OpenPrinting CUPS release which fixes many bugs, incorporates common Linux distribution changes, and provides several IPP Everywhe...

PostScript Printer Application

2 minute read

The PostScript Printer Application, first PAPPL-based non-Raster Printer Application, retro-fitting PPD files

cups-filters 1.28.4 released!

less than 1 minute read

Bug fix release, mainly to solve CUPS performance problems caused by the IPP fax support of the “driverless” utility

cups-filters 1.28.3 released!

less than 1 minute read

Bug fix release to sove problems caused by an inconsistency between the resolvers for DNS-SD-based URIs

cups-filters 1.28.2 released!

less than 1 minute read

Bug fix release to mainly fix cups-browsed not shutting down and the driverless utility being slow when listing available printers/faxes

cups-filters 1.28.1 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release to fix several bugs in the new IPP Fax Out support by the “driverless” utility and also to fix some minor issues

cups-filters 1.28.0 released!

3 minute read

IPPS and IPP Fax Out support in driverless, log file size limitation and more options for cups-browsed, tons of bug fixes

cups-filters 1.27.5 released!

1 minute read

Several fixes/improvements on cups-browsed, to correctly determine the CUPS server to attach to, to correctly create queues pointing to a second local CUPS i...

OpenPrinting News - May 2020

5 minute read

7 students for GSoC; LP accepted for Google Season of Docs; OpenPrinting/PWG Meeting; Progress of our projects

OpenPrinting News - April 2020

6 minute read

5 students for GSoC; LP applies for Google Season of Docs; Progress of PAPPL, Driverless Scanning, and CUPS Snap, cups-filters license change

cups-filters 1.27.3 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release, fixing Ghostscript-based PDF page counting in foomatic-rip to work with all Ghostscript versions, building libfontembed tests with correct p...

OpenPrinting News - March 2020

10 minute read

Virtual OpenPrinting Summit/PWG Meeting, LF Member Summit 2020 cancelled, Linux Foundation accepted as GSoC mentoring organization, PAPPL Printer Application...

cups-filters 1.27.2 released!

less than 1 minute read

Bug fix release, mainly to fix regressions cause by the zero-page-job-support implementation in foomatic-rip, also some code improvements in foomatic-rip and...

pyppd 1.1.0 released!

less than 1 minute read

Vastly reduced memory consumption when extracting a PPD file and incorporated the patches of the Debian/Ubuntu package

ippusbxd 1.34 released!

less than 1 minute read

This release is mainly to improve the DNS-SD advertising to equal the one of the network mode of the device and also to advertise its AirScan scanning capabi...

cups-filters 1.27.1 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release - All filters support zero-page jobs now, option and choice names in PPDs are changed to work around a bug in CUPS when generating IPP attrib...

OpenPrinting News - February 2020

8 minute read

OpenPrinting on LF Member Summit 2020, GSoC 2020 preliminary mentors, Avahi localhost support finally accepted, projects moved to OpenPrinting GitHub, driver...

cups-filters 1.27.0 released!

1 minute read

In this release cups-browsed does not need to know the port number of the CUPS daemon it is attached to any more when it connects via domain socket and many ...

OpenPrinting News - January 2020

5 minute read

Driverless scanning and AirScan, ippusbxd problems solved, cups-filters 1.26.2 released, lots of bug fixes for cups-browsed, GSoC 2020 org application for th...

cups-filters 1.26.2 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release mainly to make cups-browsed correctly working with a CUPS daemon on a non-standard port, and also for cups-filters smoothly building with GCC...

cups-filters 1.26.1 released!

less than 1 minute read

Bug fix release, to make the cups-browsed-generated local print queues actually work on all OS distributions and to get legacy (not actually designed for dri...

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cups-filters 1.26.0 released!

2 minute read

Feature release, cups-browsed and driverless utility use DNS-SD-service-name-based URIs for IPP print queues now, like CUPS does. cups-browsed handles print ...

OpenPrinting News - December 2019

8 minute read

CUPS 2.3.1 and cups-filters 1.26.0 released, lots of improvements and fixes for cups-browsed and the “driverless” utility, OpenPrinting meeting in Mandi, Ind...

cups-filters 1.25.13 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release, mainly to solve problems of cups-browsed, mainly for compatibility problems with some printers, leaks, and crashes. Also updated the PPD gen...

cups-filters 1.25.12 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release, to address a bug of grayscale jobs not printed on PostScript printers when Poppler is used as PDF interpreter, to allow printing on printers...

OpenPrinting News - November 2019

7 minute read

The Linux Foundation applied for Google Code-In 2019 but did not get selected, future work of OpenPrinting should concentrate in Printer/Scanner Applications...

OpenPrinting News - October 2019

4 minute read

Linux Plumber’s Conference 2019 with OpenPrinting Micro-Conference, first project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2020, Gutenprint as native Printer Applicat...

OpenPrinting News - September 2019

9 minute read

End of Google Summer of Code 2019, Avahi, OpenPrinting web site work, CUPS 2.3.0 released, cups-filters 1.25.4, cpdb-backend-cups workaround for CUPS bug

Website is up

less than 1 minute read

New website of openprinting is up and running as Go check it out!

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