libcups v3.0b2

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libcups v3.0b2 is the second beta release of the CUPS v3 library and tools which remove deprecated APIs, add new APIs, and normalize existing APIs. Changes include:

  • Added the ipptransform command to replace/upgrade the ippevepcl and ippeveps commands (Issue #65)
  • Added cupsFormDecode and cupsFormEncode APIs (Issue #49)
  • Added cupsJWT APIs to support JSON Web Tokens (Issue #50, Issue #52)
  • Added ippAddCredentialsString and ippCopyCredentialsString APIs (Issue #58)
  • Added cupsCreateCredentialsRequest and cupsSignCredentialsRequest APIs and updated cupsCreateCredentials API to better support X.509 certificates (Issue #59)
  • Updated the configure script to add _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 (previous level was 2) when not using address sanitizer and when it hasn’t already been added (Issue #51)
  • Updated the httpAddrListen function to use the maximum backlog value.
  • Fixed ipptool limit on the size of an attribute value that would be printed (Issue #5)
  • Fixed some configure script issues (Issue #48)
  • Fixed JSON output bug in ipptool.
  • Fixed CUPS_DNSSD_IF_INDEX_LOCAL when using Avahi.