PAPPL 1.1b2

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The second beta release of PAPPL v1.1 is now available for download. PAPPL v1.1 adds support for Wi-Fi configuration, IPP-USB, printer driver lookup and auto- add functionality, improves management of multiple printers, and adds support for Microsoft® Windows® 10 and higher.

Changes in 1.1b2 include:

  • Added support for papplDeviceGetID with network devices (Issue #95)
  • Added support for the “compression” option.
  • Added English names for Tabloid and A3 media sizes in the web interface.
  • Added “server-hostname” and “listen-hostname” server options to the default mainloop system callback.
  • Fixed support for default printers, added indicator in web interface (Issue #182)
  • Fixed support for printers with spaces in their names.
  • Fixed the “jobs” subcommand.
  • Fixed support for page-ranges.
  • Fixed support for printers that do PDF beyond converting it to raster.
  • Fixed support for mainloop subcommands on Windows.
  • Fixed error message when Bonjour for Windows is not installed.