PAPPL 1.1b3

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The third beta release of PAPPL v1.1 is now available for download. PAPPL v1.1 adds support for Wi-Fi configuration, IPP-USB, printer driver lookup and auto- add functionality, improves management of multiple printers, and adds support for Microsoft® Windows® 10 and higher.

Changes in 1.1b3 include:

  • Added a new papplSystemSetAuthCallback API to support alternate authentication mechanisms (Issue #185)
  • Added papplCreateTempFile and papplPrinterOpenFile file creation functions (Issue #186)
  • Added support for a server-options option for the server sub-command (Issue #187)
  • Added an optional callback for processing USB gadget print data.
  • Added papplCopyString, papplGetRand, and papplGetTempDir utility functions.
  • Calling papplSystemSetHostName did not also update the default TLS common name.
  • Now map file:///dev/null to NUL: on Windows.