CUPS 2.3.3op1

2 minute read

CUPS 2.3.3op1 is the first OpenPrinting CUPS release which fixes many bugs, incorporates common Linux distribution changes, and provides several IPP Everywhere improvements.

Changes include:

  • The automated test suite can now be activated using make test for consistency with other projects and CI environments - the old make check continues to work as well, and the previous test server behavior can be accessed by running make testserver.
  • ippeveprinter now supports multiple icons and strings files.
  • ippeveprinter now uses the system’s FQDN with Avahi.
  • ippeveprinter now supports Get-Printer-Attributes on “/”.
  • ippeveprinter now uses a deterministic “printer-uuid” value.
  • ippeveprinter now uses system sounds on macOS for Identify-Printer.
  • Updated ippfind to look for files in “~/Desktop” on Windows.
  • Updated ippfind to honor SKIP-XXX directives with PAUSE.
  • Updated IPP Everywhere support to work around printers that only advertise color raster support but really also support grayscale (Issue #1)
  • ipptool now supports DNS-SD URIs like ipps://My%20Printer._ipps._tcp.local (Issue #5)
  • The scheduler now allows root backends to have world read permissions but not world execute permissions (Issue #21)
  • Failures to bind IPv6 listener sockets no longer cause errors if IPv6 is disabled on the host (Issue #25)
  • The SNMP backend now supports the HP and Ricoh vendor MIBs (Issue #28)
  • The scheduler no longer includes a timestamp in files it writes (Issue #29)
  • The systemd service names are now “cups.service” and “cups-lpd.service” (Issue #30, Issue #31)
  • The scheduler no longer adds the local hostname to the ServerAlias list (Issue #32)
  • Added LogFileGroup directive in “cups-files.conf” to control the group owner of log files (Issue #34)
  • Added --with-max-log-size configure option (Issue #35)
  • Added --enable-sync-on-close configure option (Issue #37)
  • Added --with-error-policy configure option (Issue #38)
  • IPP Everywhere PPDs could have an “unknown” default InputSlot (Issue #44)
  • The httpAddrListen function now uses a listen backlog of 128.
  • Added USB quirks (Apple issue #5789, #5823, #5831)
  • Fixed IPP Everywhere v1.1 conformance issues in ippeveprinter.
  • Fixed DNS-SD name collision support in ippeveprinter.
  • Fixed compiler and code analyzer warnings.
  • Fixed TLS support on Windows.
  • Fixed ippfind sub-type searches with Avahi.
  • Fixed the default hostname used by ippeveprinter on macOS.
  • Fixed resolution of local IPP-USB printers with Avahi.
  • Fixed coverity issues (Issue #2)
  • Fixed httpAddrConnect issues (Issue #3)
  • Fixed web interface device URI issue (Issue #4)
  • Fixed lp/lpr “printer/class not found” error reporting (Issue #6)
  • Fixed xinetd support for LPD clients (Issue #7)
  • Fixed libtool build issue (Issue #11)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the scheduler (Issue #12)
  • Fixed a potential integer overflow in the PPD hashing code (Issue #13)
  • Fixed output-bin and print-quality handling issues (Issue #18)
  • Fixed PPD options getting mapped to odd IPP values like “tray—4” (Issue #23)
  • Fixed remote access to the cupsd.conf and log files (Issue #24)
  • Fixed the automated test suite when running in certain build/CI environments (Issue #25)
  • Fixed a logging regression caused by a previous change for Apple issue #5604 (Issue #25)
  • Fixed fax phone number handling with GNOME (Issue #40)
  • Fixed potential rounding error in rastertopwg filter (Issue #41)
  • Fixed the “uri-security-supported” value from the scheduler (Issue #42)
  • Fixed IPP backend crash bug with “printer-alert” values (Issue #43)
  • Removed old Solaris inetconv(1m) reference in cups-lpd man page (Issue #46)
  • Fixed default options that incorrectly use the “custom” prefix (Issue #48)
  • Fixed a memory leak when resolving DNS-SD URIs (Issue #49)
  • Fixed systemd status reporting by adopting the notify interface (Issue #51)
  • Fixed crash in rastertopwg (Apple issue #5773)
  • Fixed cupsManualCopies values in IPP Everywhere PPDs (Apple issue #5807)