PAPPL 1.1b1

1 minute read

The first beta release of PAPPL v1.1 is now available for download. PAPPL v1.1 adds support for Wi-Fi configuration, IPP-USB, printer driver lookup and auto-add functionality, improves management of multiple printers, and adds support for Microsoft® Windows® 10 and higher. Changes include:

  • Added support for Windows 10 and higher.
  • Added PAPPL_SOPTIONS_NO_TLS option to disable TLS support.
  • Added Wi-Fi callbacks to support configuration over IPP-USB (Issue #45)
  • Added buttons and sub-commands to pause and resume printers (Issue #124)
  • papplMainLoop now uses a persistent location for state and spool files by default (Issue #128)
  • papplMainLoop now supports clients talking to a system-wide server running as root (Issue #148)
  • Added a “set default” button to the web interface (Issue #150)
  • The drivers sub-command now reports the IEEE-1284 device ID for a given driver (Issue #157)
  • Jobs can now be canceled and printers deleted when a processing job is trying to connect to a printer (Issue #163)
  • The default media is now updated if the ready media for a given tray is updated (Issue #164)
  • Fixed an issue with the “drivers” sub-command not working if you don’t have a system callback.
  • Fixed a deadlock issue on macOS.
  • Added a new papplJobCreateWithFile API to allow printer applications to submit print jobs internally.
  • Refactored the papplSystem hostname/port APIs to be consistent with the naming used for the papplClient APIs.