cups-filters 1.28.14 released!

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Bug fix release to get correct PDF output when using “landscape”, “orientation-requested”, and/or “nopdfAutoRotate” options, and to get PCLm printing work on printers not telling their PCLM default resolution.

  • pdftopdf: Correct the output when suppressing auto-rotation (option “nopdfAutoRotate”). Depending on the situation pages got cropped in the wrong orientation or de-centered.
  • pdftopdf: Correct the output when the “orientation-requested” or the “landscape” option is supplied. Output could be de-centered (Issue #456), portrait-oriented pages be wrongly cropped and division of the output page into cells for N-up done in the wrong orientation.
  • rastertopdf: In PCLm output mode the filter failed to generate PCLm if the printer has no “pclm-source-resolution-default” IPP attribute.

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