OpenPrinting Mini Summit at IIT Mandi, India

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On November 9, 2019 we had a mini OpenPrinting Summit at the Indian Institute of Technology - Mandi (Himachal Pradesh India). Aveek was also invited to be a speaker at one of the Hackathon events which was getting conducted at the university campus during that time.

Over the last few years OpenPrinting has seen some excellent contributions from the students of the institute. Sahil Arora was the first student to get selected as a GSoC student from the institute to work on OpenPrinting. Sahil started his journey as a GSoC student for OpenPrinting and currently working as a GSoC mentor also for OpenPrinting. There are some notable contributions from other students like Akash, Dheeraj, and Sharad. It was a great time to meet them at their campus and talk about printing and the future of the technology.

There were other students as well who showed their interest in contributing for Open Printing. Aveek conducted sessions on driverless printing and the other related topics. We are looking forward to see more contributions from the students and also see them grow as the future leaders of the print industry.

Some pictures:

Photo 1 Dheeraj, Aveek, and Sahil

Photo 2 Many students intersted in the work of OpenPrinting

Photo 3 Presenting the work of OpenPrinting