system-config-printer 1.5.16 released!

less than 1 minute read

Release covering one year of bug fixes, translations, and updated

  • updates in build/install instructions, changes related to s-c-p with CUPS 3.x (IPP services/Printer Applications, no PPDs/drivers/static queues), TODOs, need of new developer(s)
  • fix preserve_job_files default settings
  • add debugprint covering failed fingerprint retrieval attempts
  • Remove travis
  • .travis.yml: run on focal and its newer python
  • Make sure that is running one instance per user
  • fix incorrect use of urllib.request
  • remove python3-requests
  • build: Migrate build system from Intltool to Gettext
  • Remove zanata usage
  • udev-configure-printer.c: Fix possible use after frees and leaks
  • Fix typo in method call
  • add option to disable xmlto manual generation
  • allow + in device uris - gutenprint has a backend with + (fixes #208)
  • tons of translations

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