PAPPL 1.2rc1

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PAPPL v1.2rc1 is now available for download. PAPPL v1.2 adds full localization, support for additional IPP features, and some other improvements. Changes in 1.2rc1 include:

  • Added explicit support for running macOS printer applications as a server.
  • Added unit test support for the new SNMP-based supply level and status monitoring code.
  • Updated USB gadget code to not enable gadget until system is started or USB options are set.
  • Updated default spool directory to use a persistent, per-user location.
  • Fixed DNS-SD advertising when adding a printer from the web interface.
  • Fixed double “Supplies” buttons in the web interface.
  • Fixed human-readable location fields in web interfaces.
  • Fixed an issue with the default system callback for papplMainloop.
  • Fixed an issue with papplDeviceList and DNS-SD discovery when there was no active system.
  • Fixed printer compatibility issues with the new papplDeviceGetSupplies API.
  • Fixed some locking issues with the macOS menubar icon.