Common Print Dialog Backends Second Generation - Third Beta Release!

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We are now releasing the third beta of the second generation of the Common Print Dialog Backends (CPDB).

This time we have added functions for synchronous and asynchronous loading of all group/option/choice string translations from the backends. Also the needed counterparts on the backends got added.

The release is done to get this functionality into the Ubuntu packages before Lunar’s (23.04) Feature Freeze on Feb 23, 2023.

The components we are currently maintaining got all updated and released as version 2.0b2. The following changes have been done:

CPDB Libraries

  • Added functions to fetch all printer strings translations (PR #23)
    • Added cpdbGetAllTranslations() to synchronously fetch all printer string translations
    • Added cpdbAcquireTranslations() to asychronously fetch them.
    • Removed get-human-readable-option/choice-name methods
    • Removed cpdb_async_obj_t from cpdb-frontend.h as that is meant for internal use.


  • Add handler for GetAllTranslations method and Bug fixes (PR #22 and PR #7)
    • Add handler for GetAllTranslations method
    • get_printer_translations() fetches translations for all printer strings.
    • Removed get_human_readable_option_name() and get_human_readable_choice_name() functions.
    • Fixed bug when CUPS backend finds zero printers and further fixes

The new versions of the CPDB components: