PAPPL 1.3.0

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PAPPL v1.3.0 is now available for download and adds new job management, image printing, localization, and configuration features. Changes in 1.3.0 include:

  • Added debug logging for device management.
  • Added support for job hold and release (Issue #15)
  • Added support for PNG image scaling using embedded resolution information (Issue #65)
  • Added papplLocGetDefaultMediaSizeName function to get the default media size for the current country (Issue #167)
  • Added support for localized banners at the top of printer and system web pages (Issue #183)
  • Added timer APIs to manage periodic tasks (Issue #208)
  • Added support for network configuration via callbacks (Issue #217)
  • Added APIs to limit the maximum size of JPEG/PNG images (Issue #224)
  • Added support for the Clang/GCC ThreadSanitizer with the --enable-tsanitizer configure option.
  • Added Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, and Turkish localizations.
  • Added a password visibility button to the Wi-Fi password field.
  • Changed names of PAPPL-specific attributes to use “smi55357” prefix.
  • Updated USB device code to generate a 1284 device ID and use the manufacturer and product strings when necessary (Issue #234)
  • Updated the USB gadget code to handle disconnections.
  • Updated PAPPL to conform to the new prototype PWG 5100.13 specification (Issue #216)
  • Fixed a device race condition with job processing.
  • Fixed a initialization timing issue with USB gadgets on newer Linux kernels.
  • Fixed a potential memory underflow with USB device IDs.
  • Fixed web interface support for vendor text options (Issue #142)
  • Fixed a potential value overflow when reading SNMP OIDs (Issue #210)
  • Fixed more CUPS 2.2.x compatibility issues (Issue #212)
  • Fixed a 100% CPU usage bug when cleaning the job history (Issue #218)
  • Fixed the default values of --with-papplstatedir and --with-papplsockdir to use the localstatedir value (Issue #219)
  • Fixed storage of label offsets for printers that implement them.
  • Fixed some thread access issues on ARM.
  • Fixed when the kernel USB printer driver is unloaded on Linux (Issue #233)
  • Fixed papplDevicePrintf to allow the “%c” character to be 0.