CUPS 2.4.7

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CUPS 2.4.7 is released to ship the fix for CVE-2023-4504 and several other changes, among them it is adding OpenSSL support for cupsHashData function and bug fixes.

Detailed list:

  • CVE-2023-4504 - Fixed Heap-based buffer overflow when reading Postscript in PPD files
  • Added OpenSSL support for cupsHashData (Issue #762)
  • Fixed delays in lpd backend (Issue #741)
  • Fixed extensive logging in scheduler (Issue #604)
  • Fixed hanging of lpstat on IBM AIX (Issue #773)
  • Fixed hanging of lpstat on Solaris (Issue #156)
  • Fixed printing to stderr if we can’t open cups-files.conf (Issue #777)
  • Fixed purging job files via cancel -x (Issue #742)
  • Fixed RFC 1179 port reserving behavior in LPD backend (Issue #743)
  • Fixed a bug in the PPD command interpretation code (Issue #768)

Enjoy the new release!