OpenPrinting Microconference on Linux Plumbers Conference 2020

1 minute read

Update: Recording on YouTube

As already back in 2019 we are holding a Microconference on the Linux Plumbers 2020, this year in …

… the wider Internet!! Yes, due to COVID-19 it is all virtual this time, no travelling, no 12 hours with a mask in an airplane full of people. But also no nice sights and delicious restaurants, not tourist-guiding my co-workers with the help of my knowledge of the Portuguese language through a nice city.

But it has also one big advantage: It is much easier to get the desired speakers, as one does not need to get their travel funded. So we will have Michael Sweet, Ira McDonald, Aveek Basu, Alexander Pevzner, and Rithvik Patibandla on our virtual stage, and me naturally, too.

We will talk about the following subjects:

The conference takes place from Monday, August 24 to Friday, August 28, every day from 2pm - 6pm UTC. Our day will be the Friday, August 28, with our microconference to span all the 4 hours. Everyone is invited to visit us.

If you are actually attending the Linux Plumbers Conference, please visit the OpenPrinting MC on Friday and participate in the discussion of the future of printing and scanning. If you are not registered, please listen in via YouTube Live Stream for free. The links to the YouTube streams will appear on this page shortly before the sessions start.