CUPS 2.4b1

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CUPS 2.4b1 is the beta release for OpenPrinting CUPS 2.4 which contains several new features such as basic OAuth support, support for AirPrint and Mopria clients and support for running CUPS as a snap, several deprecations (Kerberos, cups-config), removals of old deprecated directives, and many bug fixes.

The detailed list of changes:

  • Added support for CUPS running in a Snapcraft snap.
  • Added basic OAuth 2.0 client support (Issue #100)
  • Added support for AirPrint and Mopria clients (Issue #105)
  • Added configure support for specifying systemd dependencies in the CUPS service file (Issue #144)
  • Added several features and improvements to ipptool (Issue #153)
  • Added a JSON output mode for ipptool.
  • The ipptool command now correctly reports an error when a test file cannot be found.
  • CUPS library now uses thread safe getpwnam_r and getpwuid_r functions (Issue #274)
  • Fixed Kerberos authentication for the web interface (Issue #19)
  • The ZPL sample driver now supports more “standard” label sizes (Issue #70)
  • Fixed reporting of printer instances when enumerating and when no options are set for the main instance (Issue #71)
  • Reverted USB read limit enforcement change from CUPS 2.2.12 (Issue #72)
  • The IPP backend did not return the correct status code when a job was canceled at the printer/server (Issue #74)
  • The testlang unit test program now loops over all of the available locales by default (Issue #85)
  • The cupsfilter command now shows error messages when options are used incorrectly (Issue #88)
  • The PPD functions now treat boolean values as case-insensitive (Issue #106)
  • Temporary queue names no longer end with an underscore (Issue #110)
  • The USB backend now runs as root (Issue #121)
  • Added pkg-config file for libcups (Issue #122)
  • Fixed a PPD memory leak caused by emulator definitions (Issue #124)
  • Fixed a DISPLAY bug in ipptool (Issue #139)
  • The scheduler now includes the [Job N] prefix for job log messages, even when using syslog logging (Issue #154)
  • Added support for locales using the GB18030 character set (Issue #159)
  • httpReconnect2 did not reset the socket file descriptor when the TLS negotiation failed (Apple #5907)
  • httpUpdate did not reset the socket file descriptor when the TLS negotiation failed (Apple #5915)
  • The IPP backend now retries Validate-Job requests (Issue #132)
  • Now show better error messages when a driver interface program fails to provide a PPD file (Issue #148)
  • Added dark mode support to the CUPS web interface (Issue #152)
  • Added a workaround for Solaris in httpAddrConnect2 (Issue #156)
  • Fixed an interaction between --remote-admin and --remote-any for the cupsctl command (Issue #158)
  • Now use a 60 second timeout for reading USB backchannel data (Issue #160)
  • The USB backend now tries harder to find a serial number (Issue #170)
  • Fixed @IF(name) handling in cupsd.conf (Apple #5918)
  • Fixed documentation and added examples for CUPS’ limited CGI support (Apple #5940)
  • Fixed the lpc command prompt (Apple #5946)
  • Now always pass “localhost” in the Host: header when talking over a domain socket or the loopback interface (Issue #185)
  • Fixed a job history update issue in the scheduler (Issue #187)
  • Fixed job-pages-per-set value for duplex print jobs.
  • Fixed an edge case in ippReadIO to make sure that only complete attributes and values are retained on an error (Issue #195)
  • Hardened ippReadIO to prevent invalid IPP messages from being propagated (Issue #195, Issue #196)
  • The scheduler now supports the “everywhere” model directly (Issue #201)
  • Fixed some IPP Everywhere option mapping problems (Issue #238)
  • Fixed support for “job-hold-until” with the Restart-Job operation (Issue #250)
  • Fixed the default color/grayscale presets for IPP Everywhere PPDs (Issue #262)
  • Fixed support for the ‘offline-report’ state for all USB backends (Issue #264)
  • Documentation fixes (Issue #92, Issue #163, Issue #177, Issue #184)
  • Localization updates (Issue #123, Issue #129, Issue #134, Issue #146, Issue #164)
  • USB quirk updates (Issue #192, Issue #270, Apple #5766, Apple #5838, Apple #5843, Apple #5867)
  • Web interface updates (Issue #142, Issue #218)
  • The ippeveprinter tool now automatically uses an available port.
  • Fixed several Windows TLS and hashing issues.
  • Deprecated cups-config (Issue #97)
  • Deprecated Kerberos (AuthType Negotiate) authentication (Issue #98)
  • Removed support for the (long deprecated and unused) FontPath, ListenBackLog, LPDConfigFile, KeepAliveTimeout, RIPCache, and SMBConfigFile directives in cupsd.conf and cups-files.conf.
  • Stubbed out deprecated httpMD5 functions.
  • Add test for undefined page ranges during printing.