PAPPL v1.0.0

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The first stable release of PAPPL is now available for download. PAPPL is a simple C-based framework/library for developing CUPS Printer Applications, which are the recommended replacement for printer drivers.

Changes in 1.0.0 include:

  • papplSystemLoadState would not load printers whose device IDs contained the # character (Issue #92)
  • Passing “auto” for the driver name would cause a crash if there was no auto- add callback.
  • Added papplPrinterGetPath API to get the path for a printer web page (Issue #97)
  • The papplPrinterAddLink and papplSystemAddLink functions now accept an “options” argument instead of the “secure” boolean in order to allow links to be added to multiple places on the web interface in addition to requesting a secure (HTTPS) link (Issue #98)