cups-filters 1.28.1 released!

1 minute read

Bug fix release to fix several bugs in the new IPP Fax Out support by the “driverless” utility and also to fix some minor issues

  • COPYING: Fixed several typos
  • libcupsfilters: Fixed typo in log message of get_printer_attributes functions.
  • cups-browsed: Fixed typos in configuration file and man page
  • libcupsfilters: Let the PPD generator not suffix page size names with “.Borderless” if all page sizes would get this suffix, for example for printers which generally print borderless.
  • libcupsfilters: Added “faxPrefix” option for generated IPP Fax Out PPDs, so that this option also appears in print dialogs.
  • driverless: List addresses for local services correctly when using “–std-ipp-uris” (with “localhost” hostname).
  • driverless: Make calls of the ippfind utility somewhat faster, setting the timeout of ippfind to automatic.
  • libcupsfilters: Resolve DNS-SD-based URIs for local services correctly (using hostname “localhost”).
  • libcupsfilters: In get_printer_attributes() functions do not try to convert URIs which are not DNS-SD-based (Issue #294).
  • libcupsfilters: In get_printer_attributes() functions also support URIs with “dnssd://…” scheme.
  • libcupsfilters: Moved signal handling back into main function of the get_printer_attributes() variants, it got moved out accidentally.
  • driverless: For generating a PPD, independent whether via “driverless URI” or “driverless cat URI”, always allow CUPS driver URIs (prefixed with “driverless: “ or “driverless-fax:”) and pure IPP URIs.
  • driverless: Accept clean IPP URIs also for ‘driverless cat …’ (Issue #295, Pull request #296).
  • driverless-fax: Do not use fixed path for call of driverless itself (Pull request #293).

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