LPrint 1.2.0

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LPrint v1.2.0 adds support for snap configuration and EPL/ZPL auto-typing support, and fixes a number of bugs. Changes include:

  • Documentation corrections (Issue #53, Issue #76)
  • Added snap server configuration.
  • Added --with-systemd configure option and install to $prefix/lib/systemd/system by default (Issue #50)
  • Added EPL2 and ZPL auto-typing support (Issue #64)
  • Changed the default log level for systemd to info (Issue #82)
  • Fixed macOS installer to start LPrint server (Issue #48)
  • Fixed configure script not using warning/preprocessor options in build (Issue #60)
  • Fixed printer renaming algorithm to not truncate the name (Issue #60)
  • Fixed missing “print-color-mode=bi-level” for bar code printing (Issue #76)
  • Fixed label mode support in EPL and ZPL drivers (Issue #79)
  • Fixed driver names for EPL printers (Issue #52)