CUPS 2.4.3

2 minute read

CUPS 2.4.3 brings fix for CVE-2023-32324, several improvements and many bug fixes. CUPS now implements fallback for printers with broken firmware, which is not capable of answering to IPP request get-printer-attributes with all, media-col-database - this enables driverless support for bunch of printers which don’t follow IPP Everywhere standard. Aside from the CVE fix the most important fixes are around color settings, printer application support fixes and OpenSSL support.

Detailed list of changes:

  • Added a title with device uri for found network printers (Issues #402, #393)
  • Added new media sizes defined by IANA (Issues #501)
  • Added quirk for GoDEX label printers (Issue #440)
  • Fixed --enable-libtool-unsupported (Issue #394)
  • Fixed configuration on RISC-V machines (Issue #404)
  • Fixed the device_uri invalid pointer for driverless printers with .local hostname (Issue #419)
  • Fixed an OpenSSL crash bug (Issue #409)
  • Fixed a potential SNMP OID value overflow issue (Issue #431)
  • Fixed an OpenSSL certificate loading issue (Issue #465)
  • Fixed Brazilian Portuguese translations (Issue #288)
  • Fixed cupsd default keychain location when building with OpenSSL (Issue #529)
  • Fixed default color settings for CMYK printers as well (Issue #500)
  • Fixed duplicate PPD2IPP media-type names (Issue #688)
  • Fixed possible heap buffer overflow in _cups_strlcpy() (fixes CVE-2023-32324)
  • Fixed InputSlot heuristic for photo sizes smaller than 5x7” if there is no media-source in the request (Issue #569)
  • Fixed invalid memory access during generating IPP Everywhere queue (Issue #466)
  • Fixed lprm if no destination is provided (Issue #457)
  • Fixed memory leaks in create_local_bg_thread() (Issue #466)
  • Fixed media size tolerance in ippeveprinter (Issue #487)
  • Fixed passing command name without path into ippeveprinter (Issue #629)
  • Fixed saving strings file path in printers.conf (Issue #710)
  • Fixed TLS certificate generation bugs (Issue #652)
  • ippDeleteValues would not delete the last value (Issue #556)
  • Ignore some of IPP defaults if the application sends its PPD alternative (Issue #484)
  • Make Letter the default size in ippevepcl (Issue #543)
  • Now accessing Admin page in Web UI requires authentication (Issue #518)
  • Now look for default printer on network if needed (Issue #452)
  • Now we poll media-col-database separately if we fail at first (Issue #599)
  • Now report fax attributes and values as needed (Issue #459)
  • Now localize HTTP responses using the Content-Language value (Issue #426)
  • Raised file size limit for importing PPD via Web UI (Issue #433)
  • Raised maximum listen backlog size to INT MAX (Issue #626)
  • Update print-color-mode if the printer is modified via ColorModel PPD option (Issue #451)
  • Use localhost when printing via printer application (Issue #353)
  • Write defaults into /etc/cups/lpoptions if we’re root (Issue #456)

Enjoy! :)