PAPPL 1.4.0

1 minute read

PAPPL v1.4.0 is now available for download and is a feature release. Changes in 1.4.0 include:

  • Added support for “job-retain-until” (Issue #14)
  • Added new PAPPL-Create-Printers operation, and the PAPPL mainloop API now auto-adds local printers the first time a server is run (Issue #245)
  • Added new papplDeviceRemoveScheme and papplDeviceRemoveTypes APIs to disable unwanted device types (Issue #259)
  • Added support for suspending and resuming jobs at copy boundaries (Issue #266)
  • Added support for server configuration files (Issue #279)
  • Now preserve the paused state of printers (Issue #286)
  • Fixed reporting of “xxx-k-octet-supported” attributes.
  • Fixed printing of 1/2/4-bit grayscale PNG images (Issue #267)
  • Fixed USB serial number for DYMO printers (Issue #271)
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in the logging code (Issue #272)
  • Fixed DNS-SD advertisements when the server name is set to “localhost” (Issue #274)
  • Fixed hostname change detection when using mDNSResponder (Issue #282)
  • Fixed authentication cookie comparisons for simple password mode.
  • Fixed a potential time-of-use issue with PAPPL-created directories.
  • Fixed handling of trailing ‘%’ in log format strings.
  • Updated the options sub-command to list vendor options and values (Issue #255)
  • Updated web interface to show the age of jobs (Issue #256)
  • Updated “devices” sub-command to have the PAPPL server find the devices instead of doing it directly (Issue #262)
  • Updated default logging to be less chatty (Issue #270)
  • Updated the Wi-Fi configuration page to support hidden networks.
  • Updated the Wi-Fi configuration page reload time to 30 seconds.
  • Updated TLS certificate generation to support more types of certificates and to use modern OpenSSL/GNU TLS APIs.