libcups v3.0b1

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libcups v3.0b1 is the first beta release of the CUPS v3 library and tools which remove deprecated APIs, add new APIs, and normalize existing APIs. Changes include:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #32)
  • Split out libcups and tools from CUPS 2.x.
  • Simplified the configure script.
  • Now require a C99-capable C compiler.
  • Now require GNU TLS, LibreSSL, or OpenSSL.
  • Now require ZLIB.
  • Now require POSIX or Windows threading support.
  • Now require the poll function (WSAPoll on Windows).
  • Now install with a prefix by default to allow coexistance with CUPS 2.x (Issue #21)
  • Added new GENERATE-FILE directive for ipptool test files.
  • Added new ATTR-IF-DEFINED and ATTR-IF-NOT-DEFINED directives to IPP data files (Issue #3)
  • Added ippFile API for working with IPP data files as used by ipptool, ippexeprinter, and other tools (Issue #14)
  • Added a roll to the default color ippeveprinter printer.
  • Added new DNS-SD API (Issue #19)
  • Added new PWG media sizes.
  • Added new WITH-ALL-VALUES-FROM predicate for ipptool files (Issue #20)
  • Added new SAVE-ALL-CONTENT, WITH-ALL-CONTENT, and WITH-ALL-MIME-TYPES predicates for ipptool files (Issue #22)
  • Added, modernized, and promoted the localization interfaces to public API (Issue #24)
  • Added public JSON API (Issue #31)
  • Added new basename variable for use in ipptool files (Issue #44)
  • Updated the CUPS API for consistency.
  • Fixed ipptool’s handling of EXPECT for member attributes (Issue #4)
  • Fixed ipptool’s support for octetString values (Issue #23)
  • Removed all obsolete/deprecated CUPS 2.x APIs.
  • Removed (obsolete) Kerberos support.
  • Removed support for SecureTransport (macOS) due to deprecation of the platform API.
  • Removed support for SChannel (Windows) due to restrictions on its use in domain accounts.