OpenPrinting Live in the Ubuntu Office Hours

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The Summer of Printers in the Ubuntu Office Hours

Once a week, every Thursday in the US morning and the European afternoon on the “Ubuntu OnAir” YouTube channel of the Ubuntu community, the live event “Ubuntu Office Hours” is taking place. In each episode a free software community member is invited to tell about his project and what is happening in its community.

In the October 7 episode (in 2 days) it is all about OpenPrinting. Organizer and host Monica Ayhens-Madon has invited me to talk about GSoC and the students I have mentored. There will not only Monica and me be on the (virtual) stage but also OpenPrinting program manager Aveek Basu and some of this year’s (and perhaps also former year’s) GSoC students.

We will tell about our GSoC work and its achievements, not only of code but also the community growth, and what students have done after the summer, like mentoring the next students or creating our current web site.

We will also call for volunteers to join OpenPrinting and to contribute, and also answer the spectator’s question which they post on the YouTube Live Chat of the session.

Please mark in your calendars:

  • (CORRECTION) Thursday, October 7, 2021, 15:00 - 16:00 UTC

Update: Recording on YouTube

It will take place on YouTube and everyone can participate, without registration and free of charge. Everyone can post questions on the YouTube Live Chat.

For everyone who wants to get some technical background, Michael Sweet and me have talked about the ongoing changes in the architecture of printing with free software six weeks ago in the Ubuntu Indaba (recording on YouTube).

See you there!