GUI for listing and managing available IPP services


The current print management tools only list the local queues and we have to use the web interface to work on queues shared with remote print servers individually. Since all these remote printers/scanners are IPP services, therefore we can instead display them all together including all the native hardware and printer applications along with it’s shared CUPS queues. This will provide the users who are not that well aware of web interfaces for network services a more comfortable GUI experience on a tool available in gnome-control-center. This will make navigating to the management interface of an IPP service a simple click through process for the user. This tool can also stretch it’s utility to become a general network service management tool for listing other non-printing DNS-SD services and provide easy navigation to their web interfaces.


Till Kamppeter, Project Leader OpenPrinting (till at linux dot com)

Desired Knowledge

C and/or Python programming, GTK

Code License

GPL 2+ or LGPL 2+