GSoC 2020 Projects

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Mailing list: printing-architecture at lists dot linux-foundation dot org

IRC: #openprinting on Freenode

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Organization Administrators

The participation of the Linux Foundation in the Google Summer of Code is organized by Till Kamppeter (till at linux dot com) and Aveek Basu (basu dot aveek at gmail dot com).

Please see the plans for our near future work to get an overview of our development direction and architecture changes.

Project Ideas


1. Extract raster data from PDFs for direct printing

Student: Vikrant Malik
Mentors: Sahil Arora, Till Kamppeter
Work Product


2. General Printer Application SDK

Student: Jai Luthra
Mentors: Mentors: Michael Sweet, Till Kamppeter
Work Product


Jai has principally worked on PAPPL but also done an HP PCL sample Printer Application. In the end he has also worked on converting filters of cups-filters into filter functions.

3. Linux GUI application to admin MF devices using IPP System Service

Student: Lakshay Bandlish
Mentor: Michael Sweet
Work Product


4. Make Printer Applications Configurable

Student: Sambhav Dusad
Mentor: Michael Sweet
Work Product


Sambhav has also started to create a Gutenprint Printer Application.

5. Speed/Scaling Optimisation of cups-browsed

Student: Mohit Mohan
Mentors: Deepak Patankar, Till Kamppeter
Work Product


6. Common Print Dialog Backends (CPDB) Qt ImplementationPermalink

Student: Priydarshi Singh
Mentor: Dongxu Li
Work Product

FAILED(final evaluation)

We are looking into finishing up CPDB after GSoC.

7. IPP Scan (or virtual MF device) server (Scanner Application)Permalink

Student: Aakash Lahoti
Mentors: Michael Sweet, Alexander Pevzner

WITHDRAWN (shortly after first evaluation)
We have replaced this project by a 2-student LFMP project (see here).