IPP - ipptool test suite for IPP Errata Updates


ipptool is a command line tool for issuing IPP requests and receiving printer's/server's responses. ipptool is maintained as free software in the ippsample collection from the IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG). ipptool is used for development and debugging of IPP-related software and for PWG self-certification for IPP Everywhere printers for driverless printing.

Student Tasks

The student's task is to develop additional ipptool test scripts for IPP errata including IPP Document Object v1.1, IPP Job Extensions v1.1, and IPP 3D Printing Extensions v1.1.


Ira McDonald (blueroofmusic at gmail dot com), Printing Working Group, Smith Kennedy (smith dot kennedy at hp dot com), HP, TBD

Desired Knowledge

C programming, IPP

Code License

Apache 2.0