OpenPrinting CUPS v3

The next-generation, standards-based, open source printing system developed by OpenPrinting for Linux® and other Unix®-like operating systems. CUPS uses IPP Everywhere™ to support printing to local and network printers.

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CUPS v3 supports printing to:

CUPS v3 provides the System V ("lp") and Berkeley ("lpr") command-line interfaces, a C API, and local and network sharing servers.

CUPS v3 is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 with an exception to allow linking against GNU GPL2-only software.


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User Documentation

  • cancel(1) - cancel jobs: HTML
  • client.conf(5) - client configuration file for cups: HTML
  • cups(1) - a standards-based, open source printing system: HTML
  • cupsaccept/cupsreject(8) - accept/reject jobs sent to a destination: HTML
  • cupsdisable, cupsenable(8) - stop/start printers and classes: HTML
  • ippeveprinter(1) - An IPP Everywhere Printer Application for CUPS: HTML
  • ippfind(1) - Find Internet Printing Protocol Printers: HTML
  • ipptool(1) - Perform Internet Printing Protocol Requests: HTML
  • ipptoolfile(5) - ipptool File Format: HTML
  • ipptransform(1) - Convert Document Data to Alternate Formats: HTML
  • lp(1) - print files: HTML
  • lpadmin(8) - configure cups printers and classes: HTML
  • lpc(8) - line printer control program (deprecated): HTML
  • lpmove(8) - move a job or all jobs to a new destination: HTML
  • lpoptions(1) - display or set printer options and defaults: HTML
  • lpq(1) - show printer queue status: HTML
  • lpr(1) - print files: HTML
  • lprm(1) - cancel print jobs: HTML
  • lpstat(1) - print cups status information: HTML

Developer Documentation

  • CUPS Implementation of IPP: HTML
  • CUPS Programming Manual: HTML · EPUB
  • CUPS Raster Format: HTML